We do the tech.
You do the rest.

CoinGaming.io removes all the technical complexity of running a Bitcoin Casino.

Have your bitcoin casino running in no time.


You get a robust bitcoin casino, ready for action.

Does It Work?

Connect your cold wallet bitcoin address & click the go button. Within no time, you will have a robust bitcoin casino. We take care of the hard stuff so you don't have to.

What Does
CoinGaming.io Do?

CoinGaming.io provides white-label bitcoin casino solutions. Designers make it easy. Engineers make it fast & secure. A fleet of lawyers makes it compliant. Your role is to market the casino!

Can Use It?

We accept operators from around the world. As the operator, it is your responsibility to allow or restrict players from different jurisdictions

What is the cost?

CoinGaming.io charges a once off set up fee to prepare and customise your bitcoin casino.

We run and manage the technical side of the casino for you & split net income on Gross Gaming Revenue.

Live Dealer Software

Our live games are broadcast from professional standard television studios. The quality of the images produced by the broadcast full HD television cameras is extremely high. The video delivery network guarantees maximum speed and quality thanks to the geo-localization which enables players to receive the audio/video streams from their nearest data center, eliminating lag and poor synchronization. We offer localised Live Dealer gaming studios, from operations in Asia, Europe and Central America.

24/7 Real Live Dealers

CoinGaming.io's Live Dealer solution with 24/7 real-person dealers provides the excitement of a real casino, thus attracting a growing number of players towards the online gaming who are not in favour of classic online casino games (RNG driven).

Live interaction

Players have a higher level of trust when they see the game outcome with their own eyes and players like the "live interaction" which resembles a brick & mortar casino.

Casino Slots

Over 250 games integrated into the single back office for your player's enjoyment.

A world beating selection of games from many of the top established casino software providers around the world.

All games played in mBTC denomination.

CoinGaming.io enables operators the flexibility to create bonuses across all games along with VIP levels, freespins and wagering contributions - all from the single back office.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency that is changing the way we think of money. Its intrinsic characteristics and advanced security components make it the perfect candidate to become the preferred medium of international exchange by consumers.

Bitcoin Exclusives

Here is a list of things that you can only do with Bitcoin:

Spend and transfer money internationally for less than a penny.

Sell on the Internet without setting up with a payment service.

Protect your wealth from devaluation by the

Why Bitcoin?


Bitcoins are the equivalent of Internet cash. You can send Bitcoins over the Internet directly to anyone with no middle man. Like cash, Bitcoin transactions are irreversible. Bitcoins are traded worldwide.

Bitcoin is better than regular currencies

Some of the reasons Bitcoin is better than regular currencies:
  • Bitcoin is an International currency
  • Bitcoin can be spent all over the world
  • Bitcoins cannot be counterfeited
  • There is no printing technology that will ever be able to fool the bitcoin network
  • Bitcoin cannot be devalued
  • Only 21 million Bitcoins will ever be issued. Unlike regular currencies, since Bitcoin is not controlled by any government or bank, the raising of a debt ceiling and quantitative easing can not devalue Bitcoins


Bitcoins are implemented using the latest trusted technologies:

  • The same cryptography that powers Internet banking
  • Peer-to-peer networking protects Bitcoin from governmental or individual interference
  • Allows anyone to audit and improve the Bitcoin source code

Players love it

Bitcoin is the denomination of economic freedom. It gives players the ability to make instantaneous transactions all over the world with no fees.

Globally Instant

Bitcoin can be deposited or withdrawn instantly no matter where you are in the world and with no fees!


You can say goodbye to fraud and chargebacks. Bitcoin is the most irreversible transaction method!

It only gets better

Bitcoin is an open source project and it is constantly improved by developers worldwide

Casino Operators love it

We help casino operators in the bitcoin world get online. With no transaction costs and no fraud risk, instant deposits & withdrawals, improve your cashflows and expand your customer base to new bitcoin customers.

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Chargeback Fraud

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